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Black Friday is coming.......

By Andy Powell | 15th November

Black Friday is coming and selling your old phone could be a great way to get cash to spend online or on the highstreet. With so many tempting deals appearing every day, getting some extra cash could help make some of them a reality. 

Black Friday deals are arriving every day. You can’t miss the increase in social media posts and emails flying around.  

Here’s some top tips on how to get the best deals around Black Friday.

Amazon has launched “Early Black Friday Deals”.  These tend to be a bit of a token effort and we recommend waiting until the big day. Previous Amazon Black Friday deals have included half price Amazon tech such as Kindles, Echo and Fire devices.

Check the voucher code sites. Many retailers partner up with voucher code sites such as Quidco, Top Cashback and Hot UK Deals to do exclusive deals. These may or may not be better than going direct or following deals from emails and social ads so check carefully.

Check for old voucher codes and email sign up discounts. You might find some retailers forget to remove old discounts or offer sign up offers. Some of these may still work on their Black Friday deals and you’ll get an even better deal.

Figure out what you want before hand and note down the prices ahead of Black Friday. This is worth doing otherwise often it can be hard to tell if the deal is really all that great. Certain sites such as CamelCamelCamel and PriceRunner provide historical pricing information which could prove to be invaluable.

Bookmark existing deals. Save existing deals in your bookmarks/favourites and write down what the current price is. This is another way to check the great deal really is great.

Set up an account with websites you might like to buy from. This means you can sign up to their email list and be the first to hear about their offers. It also gives you access to existing customer offers.

Create a wish list. By creating a wish list(if the site offers this) you’ll get notified when products you are interested come back into stock or even if they get reduced. 

Look at the final price, not the discount or the promo code. It’s easy to be sucked in by sale banners and promo codes, but when you get to the checkout are they actually the best deal. Be sure to check competitors who are skipping the flashing lights and offer a better deal anyway.

Don’t forget Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday is the Monday after Black Friday and historically was a day for the technology shops to have their own special day of sales. These days its hard to tell if things are any cheaper on Black Friday when Cyber Monday arrives. Do you wait? Will the item you want even be in stock on Monday!


Tech-hoarding continues despite consumers caring more about sustainability

By Andy Powell | 17th November

A recent research study carried out by liquid protection solutions provider P2i reveals that over half of people (54%) are still storing old electronic devices, raising concerns that too little is being done to tackle the continuous tech-hoarding problem.

Polling 321 members of the general public, the survey also found that only 19% of people admit to recycling electronics they no longer use. Hundreds of millions of tonnes of e-waste could therefore be piling up in people’s homes, depriving unused electronics of a second life. A huge proportion of these devices are likely to be mobile phones.
Further findings show that almost half (49%) of people have used their current mobile devices for one to two years, whereas 28% are using phones purchased three to four years ago. With large numbers of consumers changing their phones on a fairly frequent basis and the majority hoarding old devices in a drawer, manufacturers might eventually struggle with accessing sources of critical raw materials to produce new electronics and satisfy the consumer need for the latest gadgets.

However, the future might not be all doom and gloom as P2i’s study also reveals a growing number of people wish to make an effort to become more sustainable. Nearly a third (27%) of consumers have been influenced by company’s sustainability claims in past purchases. Nearly two thirds (65%) now prioritise device durability when buying new electronic devices, highlighting the importance and urgency to introduce smarter design processes and ensure longer product lifespans.

Tech News

Mobile Phone Museum Launches Online

By Andy Powell | 25th November 2021

With over 2000 mobile phones listed on its website, the Mobile Phone Museum has launched online.

The Mobile Phone Museum was founded by Ben Wood and Matt Chatterley and includes high resolution images and stories behind over 2000 mobile phones. The museum started life as two personal collections over 25 years ago and recently came together to create one archive of mobile phones dating back to the mid 80s.

To mark the launch, a special one-day exhibition is being held in London, with pupils from a local primary school visiting to experience a show-and-tell with Mr Wood and the museum’s education team on the history of the mobile phone and its significance.

The site features a number of ways to view the different phones - 

- You can simply search for the model or brand you are interested in ie "Nokia 3310"
- There are collections including Best Selling, Firsts, James Bond Phones, Ugliest Phones and many more
- You can simply browse the full catalogue if you have plenty of spare time
- There is a most wanted section too - The Mobile Phone Museum is always looking for rare and unusual phones

Industry News

Industry leader appointed as Head of Commercial to support growth plans at recycled device specialists and

By Andy Powell | 21 August

Technology trade-in and sales specialist E-Giant – home of and – has appointed experienced industry leader Justin Woolridge in support of its ambitious growth strategy.  

Justin brings industry expertise and leadership honed during more than a decade in the technology recommerce industry to his new role as Head of Commercial at E-Giant. He joins the business following three years in positions at musicMagpie, most recently as Head of Commercial and Store Tech Trading, and previously held roles at recycling businesses including Mazuma and Envirofone.

Justin is tasked with building a new commercial team to build on the success of two of the most ambitious and fastest-growing names in mobile phone recycling and sales.

It comes at an exciting time for the businesses. doubled its annual revenues and the number of devices traded in 2021 compared to the previous year, and last year passed the milestone of one million devices traded since its launch in 2015. Meanwhile, continues to establish itself as a leading name in quality reconditioned devices from big names including Apple and Samsung.

Justin said: “I am joining and during a period of expansive growth as they continue to make their mark as a major player in device recycling and e-commerce.

“As established yet agile players in a highly competitive market, our businesses are in a unique position to move quickly and innovate in response to demand as consumers are increasingly aware of the financial and environmental benefits of electronics recycling.

“The team here are committed to being the best when it comes to price, value and the consumer experience. These are at the heart of our growth strategy and I am excited to work with the teams at and to deliver on their ambitions of shaking up the industry, becoming the leading and most trusted name in device recycling and e-commerce.”

E-Giant CEO Alex Berthonneau said: “Justin’s record in the industry speaks for itself, and we are delighted to welcome him to help build on our strong foundations while creating new opportunities for diversification and growth. Together, we have very exciting plans for and – watch this space.”

E-Giant, based in Whiteley, near Southampton, Hampshire, is one of the UK’s leading second-life technology providers with a commitment to market-leading buy-back and trade-in values, and the highest levels of security and control.

As well as consumer brands and, the business has launched for Business, designed for ease of use by organisations who want to trade in five or more devices.

​​​​​​​ For more information, see: and


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